Interpreting Equipment Rental

Because it is lightweight, shipping our interpreting equipment may be done cheaply and with ease. We have genuinely portable devices that don't even need a technician for smaller gatherings.
We can manage events of any magnitude thanks to Ibn Abbas's strategic partnerships with other leading manufacturers of simultaneous interpretation technology! For each occasion, we provide expert interpreting equipment rental services.
We can guarantee the best equipment services available because to our state-of-the-art interpreting equipment and our well-established expertise in the conference interpreting sector.
One of the biggest companies in the Middle East and Europe for renting translating equipment is Ibn Abbas. For meetings and events of all sorts, small, medium, and large, we rent interpreting equipment.
We have a sizable collection of fully enclosed booths, tabletop booths, wireless receivers, headphones, RF interpreting devices, and portable interpreting equipment.
Additionally, we offer simultaneous interpreters—also known as simultaneous translators—for conferences, conventions, yearly meetings, seminars, presentations, and other events. These translators can handle specialist topic matters and are quite skilled. In order to inform and interest participants, visual aids are crucial. In addition, we are capable of translating presentations and documents into any format and editing the translated content to make it suitable for printing.

Equipment Rental for Interpreting

Table top and fully encapsulated interpreting booths
  • Portable tour transmitters
  • RF-conference interpreting systems
  • Discussion system for two-way communication
  • Wireless receivers and headphones (headsets)
  • Capability to handle Q&A sessions and relay interpreting
  • On-site technicians to setup, monitor and strike equipment
  • On-site project managers and event staff
  • Translation of signage, presentations and conference materials

How It Works

Our simultaneous interpreters sit in a soundproof booth (tabletop or fully enclosed) and translate into the target languages while the speaker addresses the audience. Each language must have its own booth, which is typically positioned in an adjacent room, behind the stage, on the side, or in the back of the space.
  1. Those in the audience who require interpretation can hear the interpreters through small, wireless devices that they can wear—a headset and a receiver that are adjusted to the appropriate language channel. If the meeting or event lasts more than an hour, we always supply two interpreters per language due to the difficulty of simultaneous interpreting (SI) and to prevent weariness. 
  2. Our interpreters can give their best effort throughout the meeting or event when they work as a team. Throughout the conference or event, our on-site specialists are in charge of assembling, testing, and supervising the equipment. 
  3. Our experts dismantle all equipment after the conference or event and either ship it away or return it to one of our office locations.

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