Quality Assurance (QA)

You may be confident that we at Ibn Abbas take our dedication to quality assurance (QA) very seriously. Our company's foundation is raising quality standards to provide our clients with the greatest linguistic solutions available. We are committed to providing a top-notch translation service and are enthusiastic about what we do.

Translation Quality Assurance System

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with high-quality language services on schedule and within their budget. We use our in-house 10-step Quality Assurance Process and the newest Quality Assurance Tools to accomplish this.

Translation Quality Assurance in 10 steps

The reason why we can assure the quality for your translation is because we work according to a step-by-step plan:
  1. The analysis of your translation will be precise.
  2. A thorough plan will be created for your translation.
  3. A native speaker translator with the necessary qualifications will handle your translation.
  4. A terminology database will be set up for your translation
  5. A CAT-tool (Translation Memory) will be set up for your translation
  6. Your translation will be translated into the target language
  7. Quality Assurance will be used during the entire translation process
  8. Your translation will be put in the appropriate format (DTP/typesetting)
  9. The second proofreading of your translation by a native language editor/proofreader is the ninth step in our quality assurance process.
  10. Final Quality Assurance inspection, approval, and client delivery

Interpreting Quality-Assurance

To ensure quality interpreting services we
  • Use only native interpreters who are qualified and have specialized knowledge
  • Utilize our CRM to organize and streamline your interpreting jobs.
  • Use only the most recent interpretation gear from reputable audio manufacturers like Sennheiser®, Philips®, and Sony®.

Localization Quality Assurance

To ensure top-quality localization services we:
  • Hire knowledgeable localization specialists with a wealth of expertise. 
  • Determine our clients' needs through consultation and provide the best solution. 
  • Use an internationalization checklist that has more than 100 items on it. 
  • Include our client in every step of the process and promote teamwork. 
  • To keep an eye on the final quality, use tried-and-true final checks.
Every employee, including linguists, is aware of and complies with the guidelines set forth in the related Quality Handbook. We maintain a close eye on our performance and make adjustments as needed to guarantee a top-notch translation service.
As seen by our objective, goals, customer service, systems, procedures, and project management, we take quality assurance (QA) very seriously. This strategy, along with effective project management procedures, guarantees that our clients will always receive the highest caliber of customer care and translation services from us.

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