Proofreading services

Proofreading a document is essential before distributing it to the intended recipient. Make sure your content is free of any foreign languages.
Errors before it's published on your website, printed, or submitted to print. We can also proofread your translated documents using your own style guides, glossaries, and guidelines to ensure that they preserve the tone and ethos of your company. Our proofreading services are available in over 225 languages. Proofreading services can be provided in two to six hours for small texts and in one to three working days for larger works.

Why choose our proofreading service?

Qualified proofreaders and editors

Our editors and proofreaders are highly qualified graduates of prestigious universities. Our linguists have track records in their fields of expertise.

Excellent value pricing: highly affordable

Our prices tend to be at least 25% below other editing services.

Secure and confidential

All files that are sent to us for editing or proofreading are handled with the utmost confidentiality and security. Non-disclosure agreements are how we ensure complete secrecy.

Specialised proofreaders

An editor and proofreader from our team with the best credentials, expertise, and skill set related to your subject will be given to you. This guarantees precise editing and adherence to the style norms of your industry.

We proofread 24/7 with fast guaranteed turnaround times

We are able to provide incredibly quick turnaround times because we are always available. We deliver on time and on budget.

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